Black Teardrop Wax Burner

Black Teardrop Burner & Wax Melts

SKU: 00063

Wax Melt Burner - Black Teardrop Burner 12cmTea-light wax melt burner gives off a warming glow while beautifully fragrancing your room.

Strawberry Prosecco Scented Wax Melts by Woodbridge
Top Notes: Champagne Accord, Grapefruit, Sea Foam, Melon
Heart Notes: Sparkling Strawberries, Cassis, Kiwi Pear, Apple, Aquatic Blossoms
Base Notes: Rhubarb, Sugarcane, Sheer Musks

Wax Melts are for use in a burner.  The wax should be safely removed once it no longer gives off any fragrance.