Cosy Cashmere Village Candle Jar

Cozy Cashmere Village Candle

SKU: 00071

Cozy Cashmere 16oz Medium Candle Jar by VILLAGE CANDLES

The simplest luxuries often bring us the greatest pleasure. Taking this as our inspiration we’ve created a fragrance around the scents, sensations and textures that make us feel good. A cool breeze running through your hair, deep inviting woods, the creamy decadence of vanilla, and the beauty of lush white flowers. Blended together for a cashmere-like effect that’s completely comforting and so luxurious.

  • Details: Size: 16oz, Burn Time: up to 105 hours 

     Designed and manufactured in the USA

     Two hand trimmed cotton wicks, High grade, food quality, 

     paraffin wax,Highest quality fragrance oils

Each candle jar has two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure clean fragrances.