Bath Bomb Gift Set

Date Night Bomb Set

SKU: 00014

This lovely gift set contains.

  • Crazy Stupid Bath Blaster: With a passion flower scent and pure Jasmine and Ylang Ylang essential oils, this heart-bedecked Bath Blaster will leave your skin soft and moisturised, and your senses and mood seduced.
  • A rich, creamy cocoa and shea butter swirl: Add's extra skin nourishing benefits, and our biodegradable glitter adds a little sparkle to those crazy stupid nights in.
  • Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster: A sultry and sensual dream, with exotic fruity fun and a fresh passionfruit fragrance. With neroli and ylang ylang pure essential oils to arouse and enamour.
  • S.W.A.L.K Bath Mallow: This little mallow will kiss you smooth with it's pure cocoa and shea butters and bergamot and marjoram pure essential oils will leave your skin sealed with a loving kiss! Top notes of finest sparkling white wine intermingle with rich berry notes to create an interesting variation to a classic bellini.
  • Spread the Love Bath Mallow: Pick this bold bright shade for a strong look! For fearless females everywhere with Ylang ylang & Jasmine essential oils, you'll be the ultimate trend setter!