Agnes + Cat Provence Candle

Provence Large Kilner Candle

SKU: 00284


Your large clip Jar Candles are made with Natural Soy Wax and beautiful fragrances crafted with a blend of natural essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils. Each scent is made up of up to 36 different elements which are what makes them truly unique and beautiful.

Soy Wax Candles are a great eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles.

Agnes & Cat’s choice to use soy wax was an easy decision: Soy Candles throw scent beautifully and are better for the planet.

Soy Candles also burn 30-50% longer and do not contain the toxins that paraffin candles have. Appox ”80 hours Burn Time”100% all-natural candles

Agnes & Cat have worked with the best artisan fragrances to craft 18 breathtaking high-quality scents.

All of there candles use natural products and are not tested on animals meaning they are vegan.

You can reuse or recycle all of the packagings too.

  • Please do not burn the candle continuously for a long period of time.

  • Please make sure the wick is no longer than 5-10mm before using the candle (please trim before each use if necessary).